Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a job usually take?

    Most appointments are between 1 – 2 hours. This depends on the type of job, some things like large data transfers from slow computers can take much longer. This is usually done off-site.

Do you work with Mac/Apple products?

    Yes. We have experience with all types of operating systems including: Linux, Mac, Android and Windows.

Where does your inner-zone end?

    • The inner-zone is set as 25km travel from Central Auckland. This covers North to Albany, East to Pakuranga and Mount Wellington, South to Mangere and West to Henderson and Massey. Outer-Zone locations charged at $140/h.

Note: Map is a guide only.

PC Ninja - Service Area

What if my computer needs new parts?

    We will always conduct an initial assessment to determine the scope of the work required. We will inform you of any additional costs and gain consent before proceeding. Any parts exceeding $500 will require payment of the full cost before we can replace.